Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What is old is new again

Back to Blogger.....just couldn't justify paying for typepad when I wasn't posting anything.

So I'm back here...posting when and if I can.

For those of you who may have wondered what happened to me......just life.

Sometimes you just need to take the time to realize what is most important to you. Scrapping...not so much anymore. So I may not end up having many layouts posted here...but I will have photos every now and again.


Rose said...

Good to see this. Glad I kept the link. Donna said you should try to publish this photo......thinks it's fantastic! Of course I agree!!

Tawnya said...

Hi Sweet Kim,
I have found myself thinking about you often. I hope that everything is ok. I know life is nutty. People love you and are here for you. I know I am. So glad to see your blog again with that beautiful face of yours. Love you. Hugs, Tawnya

judi said...

Hey you :)

melissa deakin said...

gorgeous photo, kim!
so happy to see you
i hope all is well!

Jennifer said...

Yep I hear ya. Life just takes over everything else sometimes (same here). Glad to see you are still blogging :)

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