Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer!!!

A view of Toronto from Fort Niagara. I really should take my 70-300mm lens the next time I go there! Anyhow, it's the first day of Summer and it was a beautiful 80 degree day! What are your summer plans? The girls only have 3 days left of school, so I need to start planning some activities for them! First thing is taking the girls to see Niagara Falls. We live 10 minutes away and I have never taken them!!! So Friday we are going to my sil's for about an hour of swimming, then going to the Falls, then we plan on sticking around to see the fireworks there...something I've never done! I really want to do a lot this year...hope we can pack it all in!

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Rose said...

I don't remember how old you and your sister were when we first took you to see the Falls. One thing when living there I always felt people in NF take them for granted. I know I did at times... but everytime I saw them I still felt "awed" by them! Glad you are doing "family" things. Good for all of you, even though the girls may not appreciate everything you do with them now, they will later in life. Keep it up! Love you!

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