Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy but fun week.

Had a good week. The girls are done with school. The first day I took them and a friend to Fort Niagara beach, they had a blast, got completely soaked. It was fun just watching them have so much fun! We took them to see the fireworks over Niagara Falls on Friday night. I really thought they would be more impressed with the falls....they were bored, lol. How can you be bored with that much power right in front of you. Guess you have to be a little older to enjoy the beauty of it. 
I wanted to get to an indie fair that was going on in Buffalo this past weekend, but it rained most of Saturday so I guess I'll have to catch the next one. I also one a little something on the littlest polly blog, so exciting!! Which in turn has inspired me to do a give away very soon, hopefully I can get to it this week. Now I just need more followers!!!
Have a Happy Sunday everyone!!

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Anything But Bland said...

hey, Kim! Thanks again for the e-mail. Your package will be on it's way shortly!

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks again for being my follower and participating in my giveaway! I am having another one soon so check back!! :)

but congrats on winning!

love, polly

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