Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flowers, Cameras and kid!

Pretty blooms today! Dahlias and a Tiger Lily! Last year I had about 10 Tiger Lilies blooming at once, this year only one, not sure what happened!
And this is the beginning of my camera collection. I have found most of these at yard sales, flea markets and one at the Salvation Army. The most i ever spent was $10...not bad! Oh the Minolta on the bottom was my last film camera, I really must pick up a roll of film sometime...maybe some B&W! The other one on the bottom is patented 1908, it's a Kodak Brownie Automatic. Middle shelf is my Polaroids. and the top shelf is a Polaroid land camera, next to that is a Kodak Vigilant junior six-20 and then a cheap little Continental, I just thought it was cute. And not making the shelf are my Canon 30D and 50D and my good ole Sony Cyber-Shot. So I'm a bit of a camera junkie!
And then there is the "Cute Shot of the Day"!! Everyone needs to do this...c'mon...just stick out your tongue and blow raspberries!!!

1 comment:

Rose said...

Your Aunt Becky and I stopped at a yard sale today. I was thinking of you and looked to see if I might find an old camera for you, but alas, no luck. I tried! Love you!

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