Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ugh, Errr, I don't wanna....

Parent/Teachers conferences are tonight. I just wanna stay home and curl up on the couch. Stayed home from work today because I haven't felt good the last couple days. "I just wanna stay home"...said in my best...sounding a lot like my children.....whiney voice!

Since I'm on here and posting here's a little sneaky peeky of December Cocoa Daisy kit.
I had a blast working with this kit. You're gonna love it!

And here are some of my fav's on Etsy right now...just in case you want to get my anything for Christmas...wink, wink.

Fingerless gloves
any t's from here
one of Allison's necklaces!
a nightmare snatcher
and this bag.

Please share with me your Etsy fav's...I'm so hooked on that place right now!

1 comment:

Safer said...

looks like a super pretty kit! everything you do though looks super pretty!

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