Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Playing with LightRoom

Was playing with my Adobe LightRoom program cause I just got some new this's called Fried Egg!! The first is the original photo, the second is Fried Egg!

I also started uploading some photos to Flickr. Some of my better photos, some have been altered in photoshop or lightroom. I really want to get back into taking more photos, better photos and learning more about my camera. I have a wedding in April next year, so I really need to start learning how to use my external flash. Ok I'm off to play some more!


Boo said...

That is very cool Kim. It is definitely a lot brighter in the 2nd photo.

I love thos Urban Lily cards you created! Stunning!

Your girls are beautiful! They are growing up! Wow!

Patty said...

that looks like a very fun program !

Rose said...

Checked out your photos on the other site. Awesome selections. Some I don't remember seeing before. But "good job" from your mom!

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