Sunday, November 25, 2007

me again....

two posts in one i'm bored from sitting in this house for 4 days straight!!

Found a cool site today..... FreeRice, a great idea to help aid in ending world hunger. And it's really fun to see how articulate you are!

I was reading Emily Falconbridge's blog and found the article she did for Today's Mama and thought that this is something I'd like to do. We really do need reminders of what we are thankful for each and everyday.

I'm also working on a mini album using the Urban Lily secret keepers like the cards I posted below. I love my punches through those stinkers with no problem at all!! Anyhow, hope to have that posted later in the week.

Have a great weekend, post a hello, I've noticed a lot of Canadians peeking at my blog......say Hi!!! I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself here. And my mom...hi mom!!


Joanne Rasmussen said...

Hi Kim
I have been trying to read your fab articles on photography on the 2peas site and they just wont download correctly, please pretty please could you send them to me. Joanne Cape Town South Africa

Stephanie said...


Tawnya said...

Now come say hi to me too. I feel the same way! lol

A glimpse of Mel said...

Looks like you and me may be living parallel lives across continents, with our two gals and a litte boy - and scrapping and photography are my passions too! love your blog, will be checking in again soon.

Oh, and I started my gratitude album that I,too, just saw on Emily's site! too weird! I must say - I have thrown it together with just scraps. Must embellish marginally now.

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