Monday, January 03, 2011

Thoughts on 2011

Been thinking of things we want to accomplish this are a few.
  • Paint - Living room, our bedroom and girls bedroom. The living room will be going from a drab olive green to and antique white....I want it to be brighter in here! Our bedroom will be going from a Victorian purple to probably a grey...not sure of the shade yet. And the girls bedroom going from a Disney pink to a light purple.
  • A back porch's falling down, lol. Which once we do that we will be able to open up our kitchen for a bit more room.
  • New windows...if money permits.
  • Lots of small projects that I will be posting here...repurposing!
  • And my husband and I will be getting Baptized and renewing our wedding vows!
Looking forward to 2011!!

1 comment:

Rose said...

Hey! I thought you were going brown and blue in the bedroom???

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