Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick Day

 Stayed home from work yesterday....was NOT feeling good! But since we had to go pick up our youngest from school we decided to hit the little used furniture store not far from the school. The one thing we have been wanting to find is a coffee table. We haven't had one in 9 years because we were always so afraid the girls would trip, fall and hit their little heads on it! Well I think its finally safe to have one...and here she is. Not perfect....but it can be changed in the future.
 Found this Fire King bowl....lovely!
And this unique sign for the I don't remember those days of being able to drink at 18 but my husband says he was just turning 18 when they changed it to 19, then just turning 19 when they changed it to 21! So I thought it was a fun sign to have!
And these girls! So much to say so little time...I'll just say they make me happy!
And he does too...even if he took the nap when I should of!!


Tina. said...

I love the coffee table and I remember when the drinking age was 18 even though I didnt' take advantage of it lol! Your pictures are lovely and I am so glad to read your blog posts! Love you cuz!

Rose said...

When did they change it to 21 ???

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