Friday, March 12, 2010

In the last month or so....

Morgan celebrated her 9th B-day!
Henry's new project! It's a 67 Chevelle....he already has it torn apart and has been working on it almost everyday. He also started his new job and has been training on days. We have worked different shifts for so long...I'm still getting used to him being home at night! Even if he's out in the garage, lol. I've also been toying with the idea of starting a blog for him, on the progress of the car. We'll see!
I shot a wedding a few weeks ago. This was my favorite photo....can you feel the Love?? I also have another one coming up May 1st...can't wait!
As you can tell I gave up on the whole 365 photo blog. I couldn't keep up, I got too busy, I ran out of things to photograph and every once and awhile I just don't feel like picking up my camera at all. Every excuse in the book basically! I also have not replaced my 50mm lens...which was my everyday go to lens. Thinking I may have to break down and buy it soon! Need to get back in the saddle since the days are getting longer and I can feel spring in the air.
Let's see what else? Big huge thanks to my mom for watching my youngest while we are at work. Henry should be switching to midnights she'll be relieved! My shift will have to be altered a bit, but it's doable. Also will have some changes coming soon to my job, probably in about a month...I'll share more on that at a later time.
Let's see...not enough time in the day.
.....miss scrapbooking and getting out to photograph things! spending more time with the kiddos and am getting a little better involved with them in Brownies.
....and am getting really anxious to start going to yard sales again, lol.
Last but not least....I'm not dead....I was just hibernating!


Rose said...

Great post Kim... and I'm thrilled to be able to help you out. (I can say that when I'm not there 40 hours a week ... it's the weekend now... LOL). Seriously, I am glad I can help you out. So happy for all of you and Henry's new job. Still praying for the other sil for his hopeful (just informed he has a 2nd interview!)... PTL for all answered prayers!

Sunny said...

I think a blog for Hewnry and photos of progress on his car is a great idea! I'd be checking it regular!

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