Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This was Lillie at 3 weeks old and in her first cast for her club foot. She is now 5 and we will be preparing for surgery once again november 5th. This time they will lengthen her heel cord, a bit more extensive than what she had done when she was 9 mths old. I'm really not looking forward to a 5yo in a cast up to her hip for 4-6 weeks. And she just happens to be our most fiesty child, lol. So any thoughts or suggestions to help prepare my 5yo for this would be wonderful. I'm so not ready for the freak out when we get to the hospital and her being taken was hard enough when she was 9 mths. TIA!

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Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Sending you some (((SQUISHY HUGS))).

Buy LOTS of new Disney DVD's and Camp Rock and High School Musical if she is into that. New games for what ever gaming system you might have.

I can't help you on the freaking out front - sorry. I have handed Jonathan over more times than I care to count and I still freak out.


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