Saturday, May 17, 2008

An end in site

to the strike my dh has been on for 11 weeks. Guess they have come to a tenative agreement. But in actuality it still will probably mean in the closing of his plant. It's been a very hard few months, and it's not quite over. But a beginning of the end anyway.

In other news....I'm am getting a VERY sweet deal on a Mac Book, my dd's teacher is selling his....I'm scooping it up. If I told you how cheap you'd kill me, lol. It will be a learning curve for me, but I'm very excited. I love the thought of being online while laying in bed.....yes, I'm a goof.

Next week I'm doing a shoot for a friend at work. Her dd rides at a local stable and she wants lots of pics, this should be fun to do. I'll make sure to post some pics.

Today I've been painting the girl's bedroom Princess Pink, the swatch online is lighter than what it is, but you get the idea. Just waiting for dh to patch a few holes first, then we'll finish it up tomorrow.

Have a great weekend....

1 comment:

Tawnya said...

Beautiful work girl.
Hannah's room is pink right now too. She is asking for green though now :)

Hope things work out with hubby's job somehow.


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