Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Got bit

by the flu bug, or something...not quite sure it was the flu. I never had a fever but I had severe body aches, sore throat, cough and was loosing my voice. I'm better today. This time of year is just dreadful. There is no signs of spring here yet....it's sleeting right now. Although I did here birds chirping this morning....so I guess that is a sign!
Almost done with my Cocoa Daisy for April. It's a cool kit, make sure you check it out on the 1st!! Oh and right now....go check out and post to the CD forum for a chance to win gift certificates!!! Off to watch American Idol...ttys!

1 comment:

themacmomma said...

Fab LO!
I hear you on the snow issue! I was all excited that everything melted and woke up to see the snow falling this morning. Bummer.

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