Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mom Rocks!!

I've been enjoying my Timmie's coffee at home for the past couple days thanks to Mom! And besides that she is truly a blessing in my (our) life. I may not show my appreciation for her as much as I should and that needs to change.

Today I am debating on putting up the tree. I have been seeing so many photos on blogs of everyone's pretty trees, maybe today will be the day. I also am hoping to get the girls dressed and looking pretty so i can get a good photo of them to share with everyone. Haven't even started my Christmas cards yet! Haven't made any cookies yet. But we did manage to get out and get a few presents for the girls last night.

This we got for both Morgan and Lillie. I think they are gonna love it!!

Ok, off to get some things cleaned up and think about bringing the tree up....wish me luck that the girls don't rip it down on day one!


Tawnya said...

Ahhh love me some coffee... I need some right now! Wish you were here I would bring you out for a cup and girl talk. I would love that! :)

Enjoy putting up the tree!!!!
Hugs, T

Chiara said...

what a cool present. I am behind on everything too.

Rose said...

You are a blessing to me whether you realize it or not!

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