Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 2

I want to try to make something crafty and Christmasy everyday til Christmas. So here is what I made today. I know this is nothing new...I've seen it on a ton of blogs, but hey I had to try my hand at it too! I also got up the majority of my Christmas decor today...minus the tree. All of my snowmen are at home on the mantle, I have two little trees for the girls to play with, hopefully they will avoid the big tree when it is up, and next will be my window lights. Since we already have snow on the ground....I doubt that dh will get out there to put up the outside lights. I knew we should of just left them up last season!! I also have to start planning what cookies I want to make this year. Snickerdoodles are always first on my them!! I'm looking for quick and VERY easy recipes this year, so if you have any please share. My time and income is limited this it will be el'cheapo cookies!!


Vanessa said...

Oooh! I love the banner! I made some fall banners, but haven't made one for Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are entered in my give-away!

homespun living said...

Thank you for stopping by ~ it's a small world!
I love your banner. In fact, I need to get some Christmas ones made for myself.
Take care,

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