Monday, December 22, 2008

too much to do too little time

I'm finally getting over being sick. Two whole weeks of nastiness!!! Why is it that you get sick at the total wrong times? I still have stuff to bake for Christmas eve, Presents to wrap, more gifts to buy. All with NO time to do any of it. I actually can't wait till Christmas is over. Sorry to say, I'm just not feeling it this year...sad isn't it.


Mom said...

Try focusing on the real reason for the Season. Might help.
Consider the real gift.

Tina. said...

Hi Kim,

I am glad you are feeling better and on the mend. I understand how you feel especially with the girls being young and you want to do everything perfectly. Ben used to come down with a severe bout with asthma every year! Here is a couple of ideas that might help...

Even though you enjoy being domestic take a short cut with the cookies, instead of scratch, get the refrigerated dough and let the girls "make" them. (they already come in shapes or separated). You do it together and they will remember that more than piles of cookies made by mom.

Maybe for the girls you could skip all the individual wrapping and place their items in one big wrapped box? One box per child. It would be like a treasure chest for them. Just wrap gifts that are leaving the house? If you have a great girlfriend maybe enlist their help to wrap those things? (I am not even going to suggest H wrapping~ shudder~)

Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves. You know, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Sister Theresa, and Oprah all wrapped into one.

The biggest gift you can give to those around you is YOU. And you are a pretty cool person!!!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy New Year!

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