Monday, January 21, 2008

What are your other crafts?

Now a days it seems like everyone is branching out into other types of crafts. I have always been into some kind of art or craft. I think it started in high school with my art classes and home ec. I remember some of my first sewn items...pillows that spelled my name, a red and black plaid shirt that I got a 100 on and a very skinny long red skirt...never really wore that much. In my early 20's I got into making beaded necklaces...usually long ones so I didn't have to use a clasp. Then came the painting of any kind of wood thing I could find, then floral arrangements. Then back to beading....with my sister's help this time. (*note to self...make her put her stuff on Etsy!!). And then in 2003 I started scrapbooking...and have been pretty much hooked since then. But even within scrapbooking comes a variety of things to do...rubber stamping, carmaking, altered books, altered items, home decor and general paper crafts. Things I would love to learn would be knitting, quilting and maybe crocheting.
So my question to you is what other crafts do you do? What would love to learn?


Rose said...

As you well know, I've taken beading classes for jewelry and like it. Now the crochet classes. Soon stained glass jewelry. Who knows? Even at my age, never too late to learn a new hobby! :-)

JenMarie said...

Stamping is pretty much it but I'd love to learn to bead and knit!!

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